Monday, April 3, 2017

Σύμπτωμα Τρόμου, Κονσέρβες, M.P.M., F.A.T.C., Z.64 ‎– Self-titled split (E.D.A. k.707)

Released in 50 numbered copies in c60 cassette, including also a double-side A4 insert.

Tracks A1-A4 recorded from August 2015 until July 2016.
Tracks A5-A7 recorded from May until June 2016.
Tracks A8-A12 recorded in May 2016.
Tracks B1-B7 recorded in October-November 2016.
Track B8 recorded in October 2016.

Side A:

A1.Σύμπτωμα Τρόμου-1η μονοχρωματική υπερδοσολογία
A2.Σύμπτωμα Τρόμου-Στις κραυγές των ηττημένων
A3.Σύμπτωμα Τρόμου-2η μονοχρωματική υπερδοσολογία
A4.Σύμπτωμα Τρόμου-IV
A6.Κονσέρβες-Οι χιλιάδες προνύμφες της τρέλας
A7.Κονσέρβες-Στην σκιά της αυριανής μέρας
A8.M.P.M.-Vision in monitors
A9.M.P.M.-Funk for corpses
A11.M.P.M.-Chemichal snuff dreams
A12.M.P.M.-M. drone

Side B:

B2.F.A.T.C.-Sound tunnel
B3.F.A.T.C.-Gardens of wires
B4.F.A.T.C.-The fall into the dream
B5.F.A.T.C.-The static fields
B6.F.A.T.C.-Is the end?...
B7.F.A.T.C.-In front of showing memories
B8.Z64-Rayon électrique


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