Monday, September 12, 2016

Various ‎– Disjecta Membra #1 (E.D.A. k.704)


Released in C60. cassette in 150 copies, including a booklet of 16 pages.
The first 50 copies include also an A3 poster.
Side ----:
----1. El Mal-Sangre Azul
----2. Satanico-Chaos/Darkness/Evil
----3. Coágul-La edad de Plata
----4. Lewel-Gazowyolbrzym
----5. Mad Masks-Semifer
----6. Σύμπτωμα Τρόμου-Στις κραυγές των ηττημένων
Side W:
W1. Narog-Bloody  Wednesday
W2. Xtematic-Remaining
W3. dE.-Remaining
W4. Κονσέρβες-Το δηλητήριο ανάμεσα στους νευρώνες
W5. Banetoriko-Umizato
W6. Dumzday-Deserción despreocupada

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